Preserving Wood Homes

In painting, the prep work is 75% of the job. In wood restoration it is even more important because you are applying transparent materials, and any blemishes in the wood will show through.

Preserving of Natural Wood Decks, Fences, Docks and Outdoor Furniture

We power wash and preserve all natural wood decks, fences, docks, and outdoor furniture. For the harder woods such as Ipe, Palope, and teak, we have specialty sealers.

Interior and Exterior House Painting

In addition to our natural wood preserving services, we offer a full range of interior and exterior house painting – including conventional paint; solid, semi-solid, and semi-transparent stains. We also spray doors and cabinets. Furthermore, we offer specialty coatings such as two-part epoxies, urethane, lacquer, and varnishing.

Power Washing

Power washing is a wonderful, versatile tool for cleaning many different surfaces — natural wood, painted surfaces, gutters, concrete, natural stone, and metal surfaces, to name only a few.

Our Preferred Products

We use Total Wood Preservative (TWP) transparent stains for most of our work on decks, wood shingle and natural wood houses. We also have our preferred brands of paint and specialty coatings.


For do-it-yourselfers and those on a budget.

Other Services Offered