Deck Building, Shingle Replacement, and Dry Rot Repair:

In addition to our restoration and painting services, we also expertly build decks, repair and shore up weakened structures, do extensive dry rot repair on both decks and houses, and remove and replace shingles.

We reinforce decks, railings, stairs, fences, trellises and arbors, as well as joists, trusses, and rafters. For reinforcement we use sistering boards, blocking, and metal bracketing. Of course, we also build expertly from the ground up.

We do extensive dry rot repair on any wooden surface. However, we most frequently find dry rot on window and door trim and fascia boards, especially where the proper flashing and caulking protocols were not observed.

For minor dry rot we treat with Restore-it, a two-part penetrating clear epoxy. This product penetrates the softer wood, hardening it and creating an impenetrable moisture barrier, which prevents any further dry rot. If filler is needed, Restore-it also makes a two-part epoxy to fill in any gaps. More serious dry rot requires us to remove and replace the damaged wood.

Oftentimes, there may be only a portion of a house where the shingles are badly degraded from exposure to the elements. In this case, a full replacement would not be required. We can replace only those shingles that need to be replaced.