Reclaimed Water For Power Washing and Other Home Services

Our company, Marin Wood Restoration, is a painting contractor that specializes in the niche market of restoring and preserving natural wood homes and decks. With power washing always the first step, this is a very water intensive process.

Now Marin is facing an historic drought, and water use is being strictly regulated. Of course, we agree that our water is precious, and can’t in conscience argue with the restrictions at all. Nevertheless, anyone can imagine our sense of near panic when we first heard of the ban on power washing!

How to continue serving you and staying in business all at the same time? Once we caught our breath, we tried to think how to get ahead of the curve and set about researching options. To make a long story short, we have secured a 2,000-gallon water truck and are getting clean tertiary-filtered RECLAIMED water from the County Water District. Thus equipped, we can continue working in full compliance and with a clear conscience.

While it is possible to get a variance for maintenance of your home, the county is not allowing power washing of decks or hardscapes with anything but reclaimed water.

We can now even branch out with water delivery service for any of your other needs such as landscape maintenance, lawn watering, filling decorative ponds, hardscape and patio maintenance, etc.

So now there is no conflict between your conscience and your desire to maintain and beautify your home. We have plenty of clean tertiary-filtered reclaimed water available for you.

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